suitcase badges from Roslyn Hall Children's Home, Murray Dwyer Boys Orphanage, Protestant Homes Booklet from Burwood Boys' Home – 'Valuable Household Hints' ceramic elephant with broken trunk canvas shoes badges from Morialta Homes baby doll dressed in white wool

Margaret Gallagher

An uncontrollable child

I don’t recall getting compliments. They… all I remember is being told that I was useless and worthless, and would never amount to anything and in fact I would end up in jail. That was my future, was to go to jail. I also was told by these same house thugs that my, the reason I was in the home was because my parents didn’t want me because I was an uncontrollable child. And that rang alarm bells in my head, I remember sobbing myself to sleep – it rang alarm bells because I thought, hang on a minute, I’m a war orphan, and now they’re saying you’re in the home because you’re an uncontrollable child and your parents didn’t want you. So that sent me into a real emotional tail-spin.

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