suitcase badges from Roslyn Hall Children's Home, Murray Dwyer Boys Orphanage, Protestant Homes Booklet from Burwood Boys' Home – 'Valuable Household Hints' ceramic elephant with broken trunk canvas shoes badges from Morialta Homes baby doll dressed in white wool


On this page:

Government agencies

National Library of Australia

If you would like to be interviewed for the Library's oral history project, please email or freecall 1800 204 290 to register your interest.

National Museum of Australia

If you would like to contact the Museum email:

Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA)

FaHCSIA has a national office in Canberra and a network of offices in each state and territory. See how to get in touch with FaHCSIA.

information, Advocacy & support – National

Alliance for Forgotten Australians

The Alliance includes both groups and individuals, and supports people who lived in out-of-home care through advocacy and projects. The secretariat is located at Families Australia, an independent, peak, not-for-profit organisation.

Phone – (02) 6273 4885
Fax – (02) 6273 4886
Visit – Suite 3, 7 National Circuit Barton ACT 2600
Postal address – PO Box 83 Campbell ACT 2612

Care Leavers Australia Network (CLAN)

CLAN is a network for people who grew up in Australia's orphanages, children's homes and in foster care.

Free call – 1800 008 774
Phone – (02) 9709 4520 or 0425 204 747
Visit – Shop 1, 359 Chapel Road, Bankstown 2200
Postal address – PO Box 164 Georges Hall NSW 2198
Email –
Website –

Child Migrants Trust

The Trust is an independent, specialised, professional service for former child migrants, their parents and relatives. It lacks resources to handle a large volume of email, so to send a message please use the post.

Melbourne office

Phone – (03) 9347 7403 or (international) +61 3 9347 7403
Fax – (03) 9347 1791
Postal address – 228 Canning Street North Carlton VIC 3054

Perth office

Phone – (08) 9472 7582 or (international) +61 8 9472 7582
Fax – (08) 9472 7549
Postal address – 8 Sunbury Road Victoria Park WA 6100

Forgotten Australians of South Australia Inc.

An advocacy group and referral support service

Phone – 0404 139 210
– 151 Sampson Road Elizabeth Grove SA 5122 office hours vary so please phone for an appointment
Postal address
– PO Box 2261, Hilton Plaza, Adelaide, SA 5033

International Association for Former Child Migrants and Their Families

Phone – (03) 9348 1354

Counselling services

Information, advocacy & support – State-based

Australian Capital Territory

Barnardos Australia

Senior Manager for After Care

Phone – (02) 9218 2370

Marymead Child and Family Centre

Phone – (02) 6162 5800

New South Wales

Department of Community Services

Aftercare Resource Centre Support Service

Telephone and face-to-face services for people who were in care in New South Wales.

Free call – 1800 656 884


The Aftercare Resource Centre

Free call – 1800 501 560

Historical Abuse Network & Esther Centre

Phone – (07) 3844 0966

South Australia

Post Care Services

A service for adults who were in state or out-of-home care as children in South Australia.

Free call – 1800 188 118 (Monday to Friday, 8:45am–5pm)


After Care Support Service

Phone – (03) 6222 7308


The Interim Service for Forgotten Australians

Free call – 1800 509 203

Adoption and Family Records Services

Phone – 1300 769 926

Broken Rites

A non-denominational support group for people who have been abused sexually, physically or emotionally in religious institutions.

Phone – (03) 9457 4999

Western Australia

Department for Communities

Offers a range of support services and has social workers available 9am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Free call – 1800 617 233


From Lost Innocents:

I would like to dedicate my session to my 88-year-old mother. I am 65 and I have only been with her for six weeks of my life.


From Forgotten Australians:

My last memory of my mother was waiting at our front gate for her, as I did ritually for her to get off her bus ... I waited and watched every single bus pass by, but my mother never got off any of them. I even waited into the darkness. I resigned myself with despair & returned to our house. Next thing the courts ordered that we be made wards of the state & placed in care. I don’t even know if my mother had been contacted. I assume not ... This is when our family became completely fragmented.